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Sunday, May 26, 2019

How to use Google Play Voucher with your Android device

. Sunday, May 26, 2019

If you like to buy app-in purchased games, buy books or buy/rent movies at Google Play Store, then you must know that there are several ways to do all that.

You can use your credit card, your phone credit only applied for certain Telco providers and the last but not least is using Google Play Voucher.


One of the best reason that you should use Google Play Voucher is that you can actually control your spending habits. Another reason is that you can actually present them as a gift to your friend.

To use the gift voucher, you need to use the Redeem Code at the back of the voucher and enter them in Play Store.


For the physical voucher, you can purchase them at one of these stores :


For the e-voucher, you can purchase them at one of these online stores :


Google Play Voucher comes with several denomination from Rp. 20.000,- up to Rp. 500.000,- ( exclude tax )

It seems pretty easy if you have a physical voucher right ? What about e-Voucher ? 

So how do you exactly purchase the e-Voucher in Tokopedia ?

You can actually click the Tokopedia logo above or you can click on this link

Once opened, click on “Kode Voucher Google Play ( IDR )” then in the Select Product choose the denomination that you want to purchase :

tokopedia denomination

Please note that the price listed is tax exclusion.

The last step is to click on “Beli” button and there you go, now you can finish the purchase. You will receive a Redeem Code through email or text message.

What about purchasing the e-Voucher using Go-Jek application ?

If you don’t have Go-Jek app installed on your Android device, then you can install it first from Play Store. Once installed, you can start open the app.

We are going to use Go-Bills feature from Go-Jek. Go-Bills is one of many features from Go-Jek that make it easy for you to pay Bills using Go-Pay.

Go-Pay is the main currency in Go-Jek app. Before you purchase the e-Voucher make sure you have enough credit in your Go-Pay account. If you reload your Go-Pay account using BCA ( Internet Banking ), please note that there’s an admin charge that will cost you Rp. 1.000,-

Ok so here’s the steps :

Open your Go-Jek application on your Android device and it will show you below screen :


Please ignore the amount in my Go-Pay account and click on More button in the blue section, as shown below :


And a new screen will pop-up :


The screen shows several features that’s available for Go-Jek app users. You can click on “Bills” to proceed.


Next, click on “Kode Voucher Google Play” and it will prompt you to choose which denomination that you would like to purchase.


Just click on the amount and click “Next”


As you can see, you will need to choose Payment Method before you can proceed with this transaction. Click on “Pay With” to choose the Payment Method.


Unfortunately the only Payment Method available for this e-Voucher is using Go-Pay. For other features such as Go-Ride, you have Cash as the Payment Method options available.

Once you finished the transaction, the Redeem Code will pop-up


Now you have finished the transaction and receive the Redeem Code .

Next question, how exactly do you use the Redeem code to purchase something on Play Store ?

There are several ways to do that. Open Play Store in your device using the account that you want to use. Please note that you can have more than 1 Account listed on your Play Store.


Click on the 3 Lines icon on the top left next to Google Play search column


OK, from here you can go to Redeem link directly or you can go to Payment Methods.

If you choose Payment Methods, this screen will show next :


Then you can click on “Redeem Code”

It will show the following screen :


The above screen also shows if you click directly from Redeem section on the left section of Google Play Store

Another way to do it by app-in purchase feature directly from an application.

Below is a screenshot of my favourite game called Marvel Puzzle Quest


So I click on Agency Express button that costs Rp. 59.000,-, it will show me the next screen :


Then you can enter the Redeem Code in that section.

Voila, now you know how to use Google Play Voucher with your Android device

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